AMAZING. We don’t know each other but I should commend Cebuano film director Loy Arcenas for his amazing work in “Ang Larawan,” one of the entries of the recent Metro Manila Film Festival. After watching the flick set into a musical, I told myself that Arcenas should go home with the Best Director award. Sadly, he didn’t win it.

IMPRESSIVE. “Ang Larawan” should also be shown in colleges and universities across the nation so that high school and college students would be able to watch it and learn to appreciate the beauty of a musical in the form of a full-length production. The entertainment value of “Ang Larawan” is so high. Arcenas should be commended for such accomplishment.

INVITATION.As an advocate of the Cebuano / Visayan movie industry, may I humbly invite Arcenas to collaborate with local film producers. They should come up with a local film, with English subtitles for nationwide and overseas screenings, by tapping our homegrown talents. I could recommend to him Drs. Charles and Sunshine Lim of the Lapu-Lapu City-based Heritage Productions.

GUESTS.This Friday’s Cebu Popular Music Festival will definitely be another laughter-filled event at the IEC Pavilion in Mabolo. With the Crazy Duo comic tandem of Diego and son Nonoy as guest performers, expect a highly delightful competition. (For reactions, text 0932-277-8771.)