CHEATING is always the primary reason why a married couple separate. And when it happens, it is a common scenario that the husband cheated the wife. But why is it so surprising to hear a wife cheating the husband? Can a wife also cheat?

After talking to six wives who unfortunately cheated their husbands, I have realized that there are wives who sacrificed her family for another man due to unacceptable reasons.

Wives are vulnerable, and can also be the reason why family breaks. Hence, it is not true that husbands are those always at risk to break family relationships.

“I have always been the bread winner of the family, my husband takes care of us by cooking, laundrying, and everything. He gives his 100% life to us but it was hard for him to find a job until I met a man who is willing to change my life, I know it will hurt my children, but they are all grown up and they will understand”.

Children, when already grown up, should not be expected to understand complex unforeseen events like mothers who are adulterous. Some are even impregnated not by their husband and they feel they have not done wrong because they rationalized it happened due to their husbands being irresponsible. They do not care how their kids will feel and they even convinced them it was the right decision to elope with someone else.

Wives, husbands have their strengths and weaknesses, they may not give you the financial stability but they can provide you with their 100% loyalty. Which is better, live a family life surrounded by love and peace with fewer finances or surrounded with bitterness, hatred, and pain with much money?

“I am not satisfied with how my husband caresses me, he is having a hard time to strengthen his penis and it cannot penetrate mine, I have my needs and I hope he understands I need a stronger man”.

I thought marrying is accepting your partner’s weaknesses until death. It is quite frustrating that sexual needs of a wife can be a reason to cheat. Although this is an acceptable physical need, I believe that the need for the kid’s family environment full of love and peace is more of a priority. It is unlikely to say but there are alternatives to find sexual fulfilment other than having an extra marital relationship to another man, aside from one’s husband. Wives, a strong husband is not measured on how long the penis can sustain an erection. Why then include penile strength in the criteria as a husband?

“It is frustrating because his IQ level is unacceptable, he has a poor insight and he cannot even speak with good enunciation. I was wrong to marry him, until I found the perfect man who is so manly and intelligent”.

I cannot just think that the gauge in a happily married relationship is dependent on the IQ level of the partner. More than anything else, I feel that it is the love and respect between the couple that matters most.

Mothers and fathers at home do not have to do oration, exercise tongue twisters or conduct an English class. They are supposed to communicate deeply without checking how words are supposed to be pronounced. Wives, why then count the mispronounced words uttered by husbands? Why not count the spoken words of love by your husbands?

It is true that we cannot have everything in life. Some wives have husbands that are with good professions, some wives are blessed with husbands that are so protective and loving, and others have husbands that are so intelligent. Hence, wives cannot have a 100% perfect husband.

So, to wives all there - marriage life may be like a battlefield. But remember that if you married your husband due to money, of course, your bank account is full but your joy account will be empty. If you married your husband for the pleasure of sex, take note that making love is not equivalent to love. And if you married your husband for display, then you should not have married at all.

Yes, wives can cheat too. So, don’t think that family can break only due to cheating husbands.

Anyway, wives please learn to appreciate your faithful husbands. And keep your promise to be faithful …