MARRECO LOT, Ouano Ave. NRP, Mandaue City, Cebu, January 19 2018: Sinulog’s most talked-about event comes home on its 8th installment since its inception in 2012.

Throughout its history, LifeDance has built the foundations of its heritage through its advocacy of being at the forefront of pushing the experience of the dance music festivals in the country, giving exposure to young deserving talents, and representing the Philippines in the landscape of the global dance music scene. It has since become the benchmark of electronic dance music festivals in the country and what sets it apart is the experience it brings with its core philosophy in the evolution of the different kinds of electronic music. It is more than just a concert –it is a music festival.

LifeDance has always been about finding what is new and up coming in the Philippines –from the international DJs as they are breaking through the glass ceiling (Borgeous back with only 400k followers and Vinai with only 600k followers in 2015, and DJ Snake still with only 600k followers in 2016), to the upcoming electronic music trend about to take the country by storm (Trap music with Angger Dimas in 2013, Trance with Bobina in 2014). It doesn’t ride the wave; it makes the tectonic shifts.

As 2018 rolls in around, LifeDance will be bringing you another score of up and coming superstars that are starting to get massively over in their ascension to the top of the industry and another flavor of electronic music to the table.

Characterized by the heavy kick bass with sub bass frequencies accompanied by a high tempo melody which creates an adrenaline rushing and euphoric feeling of mixed influences from techno, trance, and hardcore with a dissonant synth melody story telling, LifeDance brings in HARDSTYLE with international artists Yellow Claw, Coone, Arty, Fehrplay, along with local sensations Deuce, Nix Damn P, John Sedano, and more of the brightest future sought-after talents to the scene.(PR)