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THE turn of calendar year always remind us of the concept of change and new.

Uncertainty oftentimes keeps us from doing something new. New means a lot of things. It can mean opportunity, relief, happiness, and blessings. It can also mean risks, doubt, suffering, challenge, and failure. But the choice is not always ours when to deal with new things in life.

Mystery is an attitude that makes one do things even if he/she doesn’t know the outcome. Despite what a person hears from people about it, good and bad, he still do it. It is scary because the result can be costly yet it can also be an opportunity for success. Putting up a business you have not tried before is a new thing. It is scary. It is difficult. Shifting to a new academic course is a new thing. It is costly. Resigning from a job is a new thing. Breaking up a relationship you have carefully taken care of for years is new and it is emotionally draining. A person is not sure what happens next. He is clueless of the future. Beyond the horizon remains uncertain. He will have a change of environment, a change of routine, and a change of lifestyle. Sometimes it takes years before one can finally adopt to these changes.

There are many reasons why a person considers trying new. There are those who initiate to do it while others are forced or simply do not have choices. One is ambition. A person who dreams of financial stability will have a lot of new things to face. If a work does not pay him enough, he must think of quitting or venturing on another field. If a business venture fails, he must try a new one or employ a different strategy. Second is happiness. If one is not happy in whatever he is into, he will like think of traversing a different path. Career, relationship, and environment are the three most common things that need to be changed when dealing with new things. For someone who have spent most of his working years to a profession, it will need more than courage to resign and look for another one.

While others have the luxury of doing new things, others are forced to embrace it. Death of a family member is a new forced experience. It is heart-piercing. The agony is always new and strange. It feels like it can never be overcome. It feels like it is not real but one has to eventually accept its newness in moving on. Sorrow brought by death can never be mastered. It is always fresh. It is always painful. But this is one aspect of the concepts of new that a man has to understand and embrace. Relocation of place because of environmental concerns is a new difficult process. The new neighbors, the nostalgia of the old place, and the new steps one has to walk are just some of the new things a mover must deal with.

New means beginning. How hard could it be that after building a life for so long, one is forced to leave that life and start a new one at the onset of his/her life. Is it easy for someone to tell an old folk to start a new life after his/her family is taken away by death? Starting a new life or a chapter of it is always undergo a process.

The process of changing to a new course is rigorous. It will test how strong you are both in mind and heart. The emotional balance is put to check. In the beginning of doing “new”, a weak person will find reasons and more reasons to regret and blame himself/herself. If he is negative, difficulties and challenges are interpreted as failures. The thoughts of failing is fatal. But if a person is strong, he/she will look at new things as opportunities. She/he knows the need to be patient because in doing new things, people are mostly judged on the result of the undertaking not on the experience gained on the process of doing it. But he/she doesn’t mind this thought because it is senseless.

A positive person who understand the concept of new gives more importance on the experience rather than the outcome. There is a great chance that this person will fail because of the fact that it is new. It is something he did not encounter before. He has no previous experience that tells him about it. But in putting more light on the positivity of new things, a person would likely succeed. There are living proofs of it. Most businessmen today started in trying out new things. They are all risk-takers. They didn’t see what’s coming yet they were brave enough to try. They stepped on uncertainty. They may have failed it in the beginning but the next time they tried they knew where to put their feet. The situation of a business is only one of the many new things people deal with. Every person has their personal encounter with new things.

Trying new things is risky but it is always an opportunity to learn. If one fears failure, he remains in his/her comfort zone and he remains where he is. Doing new things requires wisdom and courage. It requires strength of mind and body because of the difficulty in adopting to changes. One may not be certain of the outcome of a new undertaking but at the end, there is always learning acquired from it. This learning makes you wiser and stronger.
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