FAMED for its perfect cone shape, Mayon Volcano has given the province of Albay a flattering amount of foot arrival any day of the year. But behind its majestic looks, Mayon for all these town people, is a story between star-crossed lovers who's tale remains alive to date.

Just recently, netizens have been sharing photos of the volcano errupting and referring its rage to Daragang Magayon and Panganoron's ill fate.

Magayon, during her time was seen as the most beautiful woman in her age, and was sought after by every man in Bicol including the wealthy Paratuga. But the lady has refused his offer to marry her as she was convinced Paratuga was not the man for her.

Magayon soon confessed to her father Tiong Magayon that she was in love with Panganoron, a Tagalog. Then, intermarriage among tribal groups was not allowed and so she asked for his father's help to fulfil her heart's desire.

However, Paratuga learned of her affair and decided to kidnap her and force her hand in marriage. In the effort to rescue her, both Magayon and Panganoron died.

She was buried near the sea by Tiong Magayon, and with her are all her belongings, including the wedding gifts that she received from Paratuga.

A week after the burial, the inhabitants were surprised to see the mount of Magayon rose that eventually turned into a hill.

After several years, it turned into a beautiful mountain which was named by the locals as Mount Mayon. The flock of white clouds that floats at the top of the mountain is said to be Pangaronon, kissing his beloved; while the rumblings inside the mountain is the spirit of Paratugan who is still trying to retrieve his gifts of diamonds of gold from Daragang Magayon. When it happens, Magayon responds by throwing back rocks, lava, and stones.

As photos of the volcano's eruption circulated online, some netizens uploaded their art as they relate to the tragic yet stunning scene of the outburst.