THE Commission on Elections (Comelec)-Davao reported that there are still more than 100,000 voter’s identification cards (IDs) remain unclaimed here in Davao City based on its December 2017 record.

Comelec-Davao election assistant Maysah Casar said there are 132,559 unclaimed voter’s IDs at the Comelec-Davao District Office on Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, and they urged voters to claim it.

Of the total unclaimed IDs, 70,337 are owned by voters’ from first district, 33,020 from second district, and 29,202 from third district. These numbers of citizens are still active voters, Casar said.

Casar added that registered voters may get their voter’s IDs from the office of the election officer at the district office where they are registered. She said the cards will no longer be released to the respective barangays for safety reason.

"Just to clarify, the voter's ID card is not a requirement in casting one’s vote. It is used for identification," Casar said.

Casar also announced that Comelec-Davao has not resumed the printing of ID cards yet since May 2017, as the national office is still looking at the possibility of upgrading the voter’s ID.