Tuesday July 17, 2018

Utraviolet in the house

PANTONE is an American company associated with color systems. Don’t ask me more than what I know. Go Google it. Through my fashionista niece Krystalle, I do know that ultraviolet is Pantone’s color for 2018.

“You can use the color in small areas in the kitchen, hallway or in table cloths and bed sheets. If your skin tone can stand it, wear it with pride,” Krystalle said.

“Can we put it in a mug?” Uncle Gustave asked.

“Yes, an ultraviolet mug would be chic,” Krystalle said.

“Oh, I was thinking of grape juice,” my uncle replied.

After a few seconds, my young nephew Pannon joined us. “I heard you talking about ultraviolet. Isn’t that harmful?” the boy asked.

“Ultraviolet or UV is another thing. The sun is the main source of UV rays. It can cause skin damage and skin cancer,” my friend Illustracio said.

“Oh, I was thinking of ‘harmful’ to the pocket. Aunt Krystalle will go shopping for new clothes and Aunt Ellen will buy new makeup in ultraviolet tints and hues,” Pannon said, using Uncle Gustave’s manner of talking.

“If you don’t stop teasing us, kid, we will be ‘ultraviolent’ with you. Say sorry,” Krystalle said.

“I am ultra-sorry and please ultra-forgive me,” he said and gave each aunt a baby bear hug.

“So what are we to do with ultraviolet in the house?” my cousin Dona asked.

“Why don’t you cook it?” said Peetong, her husband.

“How?” Ellen, my other niece, asked.

“Don’t you know red cabbage is really purple? It contains vitamins C and K, minerals, calcium, magnesium and potassium,” said Pullongoy, the son of Dona.

“OK, genius, how do you use it?” Dona asked.

“Mom, in what you usually do with green cabbage. Use it in salads, tortilla fillers and casseroles.”

“Eggplants are purple,” Tita Blitte said. “We have some in the house. It reminds me to use that new burger recipe using eggplants.”

“Tita, I was the one who gave you that recipe,” I reminded her.

“Ay, yes, I know, but I haven’t tried it yet on my own,” she replied.

“Too bad we don’t have purple carrots,” Illustracio said. “It would surely confuse Bugs Bunny.”

“We have raisins, prunes and grapes in the house,” Uncle Gustave said. “Why not bake purple cake using those, Blitte.”

“A good mix of odd things, just like us in the house. Here’s to ultraviolet, folks,” my aunt said.