A TOTAL of 19,363 businesses had completed their business permit renewal process as of January 18, said the Davao City Business Bureau.

The city business bureau had established two locations for its one-stop shop for business permit renewal, which started from January 2 and will last until January 20.

According to the data provided by the business bureau, a total of 26,189 businesses are already on process and are just complying with their final payment procedures.

There are also a total of 56 new business establishments that were able to acquire new business permits. The business bureau is still expecting a lot more new business permit application with the expiration of some business permits.

On January 18 alone, the business bureau's one-stop shop in the City Council building was able to cater to 2,284 business permit renewal applicants and about 876 more in the Almendras Gym.

By the end of the entire business permit renewal and application this month, the business bureau targets a total of 45,000 business permit applicants both for renewal and new applicants. In 2017, there were a recorded total of 41,164 businesses with permits in Davao City.

For today, January 20, schedule for business permit renewal and new permit application is from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and will be observed both in Almendras Gym and the City Council building.