Dreametry: Trailblazing BPO in Koronadal City

AN OUTSOURCING business is not yet as common in Koronadal City as it is in other cities in Mindanao such as Davao City and Cagayan de Oro City, however founder Janine Pring took the risk of establishing one of the first outsourcing businesses in Koronadal City last May 2015.

Dreametry offers services for a mix of art, multimedia, and technology. They produce digital designs, aid with digital advertisements, strengthen branding, and create apps and websites. They cater to business clients who are looking for assistance related to graphic design, digital art, company advertising and technological and virtual abetment.

Currently, Dreametry is providing outsourcing services for clients from United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and select counties from Europe. Most of their clients are into e-commerce industry.

“Our main goal is to be consistently effective in guiding and supporting our target clients to be up-to-the-minute profitable and productive without compromising our passion,” said Pring.

Being one of the first outsourcing companies in Koronadal City, Dreametry saw it as an advantage to expand their network of people and find the best ones to join their team. As almost everyone are working for something they love to do and are passionate about, managing the team came off as something easy for Pring. However, along the way, things became more challenging as with the company’s upgrade on technology and services they offer, comes also the upgrade they would need for the manpower they have. For three years, they had to lose some members to give more room to more interested and more zealous creative.

As not a lot of Koroadaleños are familiar with how an outsourcing business operates, marketing had been quite difficult for Dreametry for their first few attempts of promotion and introduction to people including the applicants.

“But we’re slowly getting there. As one family, we’ll continue to work hard to fulfill our mission and reach our vision for Dreametry, which to grow even more and provide world class products and services in a wider scale. Thus, having more opportunities to learn and share what we know and what we can do to more aspiring creatives,” she said.

Now, after 3 years of operation, the home-grown Dreametry already has 20 members of team, 18 of which are working full-time. They have graphic designers, illustrators, virtual assistants, and developers. They have also recently relocated to a wider office and one which is much more accessible compared to their previous office.

Their new office is located at the 3rd floor of JYC building, Arellano St., Koronadal City. The relocation indicates how the business continues to flourish and upgrade in the city amidst the challenge it has towards people unfamiliar yet of outsourcing. As they have bigger space in their new office, they have also allotted a portion that can be used as co-working space by other freelancers.

With this new development for Dreametry, they wish to level up their game all the more promising more enthusiasm and higher quality of work for projects assigned to them.

This year, they look forward to the digital trainings and workshops they are going to provide for everyone interested. Details of which they wish to discuss with each other and disclose in the future for those who want to apply.

“We view passion as something that we need to throw around like confetti so we decided to offer workshops,” Pring said.


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