Leaving Facebook? Here's how

ONE of your New Year’s resolutions might just include leaving Facebook or maybe leaving but not really deleting your account. You’ve searched far and wide and, until now, you haven’t really found a good way of being able to do that -- leave without deleting your account. Doing this, I think, leaves you with just one thing in Facebook -- remaining to be connected via Facebook Messenger since you still have your account. Well, any which way or reason you have, I’ll share with you methods as published by a man named Nic Briz.

Do take note though that what he wrote, he wrote it back in 2014 so things could be a bit different already. But it’s still worth a try.

First thought, please watch his video essay why he did what did -- “leave” Facebook.

Listed below are the links to

* Untag yourself from all photos you’re tagged in

* Leave all the groups you’re a member of

* Unfriending all your friends and deleting all your activities in Facebook

Alternatively, I’ve found that each of the six actions can actually be done for a different purpose or goal other than to leave Facebook. Action #5 could be executed because you just want to clean up your trail in Facebook and just want to secure your online privacy. Or Action #4 because you’re just too lazy to go through all your groups one at a time to click on that “Leave group” button. It’s up to you really. I just think that all six actions can each be used depending on what you really want to accomplish.

Happy cleaning up your Facebook!


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