HONORED. I’m deeply honored to have received a private message from no less than Cebuano movie director Loy Arcenas, whose latest work “Ang Larawan” was highly amazing. It was shown in cinemas nationwide last month as one of the entries to the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. Arcenas acknowledged my article the other Monday. I wrote about his very impressive directorial job in “Ang Larawan,” which was set as a musical.

PLANS. I never expected Arcenas to get in touch with me since we didn’t know each other. Obviously he had read my article about him and “Ang Larawan.” The film director wrote that there are plans to show his movie in schools, colleges and universities across the country. Girlie Rodis and singers Celeste Legaspi and Rachel Alejandro, and “Ang Larawan” producers should have the screening of this wonderful production in schools, colleges and universities nationwide.

TARGET. Arcenas also hinted that his target is to shoot his next flick here in Cebu. I need not tell him that Cebu has a surplus of talents and technical people that are just waiting to be tapped. I myself am ready to get involved in Arcenas’ next production. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.

CHEERS. I should felicitate Atty. Raul Padilla and his lovely wife Joanne on the opening of their new establishment that has a parlor baby grand piano as well as other musical gadgets. The place is called Jazz Chillin Restaurant and Music Lounge where the defunct Kalye 80 used to stand. It has a very nice ambience and their delicious gastronomic offerings are reasonably priced.

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