TODAY, money is seen as the gauge of success. Some believed that it is even the ultimate key to happiness because it gives people the chances to changes their lives. People continue to work harder and earn more because they feel that it is equivalent to having all spectacular and beautiful things in life when the truth is that financial stability does not always lead to happiness.

But of course, being rich is not tantamount to being unhappy and miserable. What I mean is that it is important is to know that finances would not be the only reason for humans to feel happy, fulfilled and achieve serenity or inner peace. Because the truth is that money cannot buy everything. Let me share with you four things that money cannot buy.

Love. If you try to buy love, you will get bankrupt because love is priceless. So, stop chasing love using your money but instead invest true love with meaning. Do not be eager to wake up in the morning with anticipation of closing a deal but breathe with hopes of infinite love from your family, relatives, and friends. Remember that love is free and money can only give you temporary spurts of happiness, but never true love.

Time. You can buy the most expensive watch but no amount of money can buy you more time. You can make the best or the worst of it but you can never turn it back. So, do not waste your time with anger, blame, greed, grudges, hatred, retaliation, and worries. Time is too precious to use it for unhappiness. Lost time can never be retrieved.

Patience. To wait calmly is to achieve positive growth of opportunities and this would not require money. Having strong faith to believe that all will work out, in the end, is patience. You must dare to be patient and realize the reality that rewards come with some discomforts and failures. So, be patient and pay attention during your rough times rather hurrying things under pressure. Tolerance is one of the greatest miracles in the world.

Dignity. Knowing your own worth has no price at all. It is self-respect that allows your dignity to grow. It is irrational and unappreciative if you don't learn to fight for yourself. Yes, everyone cannot win a battle, but at least the whole world will know you have stand-up for your soul. That's the secret of dignity - it is not just possessing honors!

God. Relationship to God doesn't have a price tag. Money cannot buy spiritual power or guidance, and salvation. All the abundant richness of the universe cannot secure the supreme blessing of heaven and eternal life.

Guys, the most beautiful things are not associated with money. If you are pre-occupied with money, you will become the slave of money forever and it will be a curse for everyone. So, don't allow money to impoverish yourself of love, time, patience, dignity and most all of God.

Let there be God first in everything before anything else!