A MASSAGE therapist was shot in the leg after she allegedly refused to give her cellphone to an armed robber inside a jeepney on Osmeña Blvd., Barangay Kamagayan yesterday morning. 

According to SPO4 Valentino Guevarra, chief investigator of the Parian Police Station, the woman and two of her friends came from the South Road Properties.

“She was grazed by the bullet on the right leg when one of the two robbers, who was holding a gun, shot her after she held on to her phone when the latter declared the robbery,” Guevarra told SunStar Cebu. 

The victim was identified by Guevarra as Rheyla Bacariza, 26. The robbers also victimized another passenger and managed to cart away her cellphone.

Police responded to the incident around 6:30 a.m. yesterday, after the celebration of the Sinulog festival, Guevarra said.

The victim is being treated at the Cebu City Medical Center while the police are conducting a follow-up operation. (JOB)