"I want to be healthier this 2018."

THIS is a very common resolution for many of us at the start of the new year. However, the reality is only few of us follow through with this resolution.

SunStar Davao sat down with Anytime Fitness-Abreeeza's Club head personal trainer, Victor Rivero, to know how you can stick with your resolution of becoming healthier this year.

1. You have to make the decision

For some of us, we usually would go for a fit and healthy lifestyle because everyone is doing it or we want to get the body ready before summer.

Victor said choosing a fit and healthy lifetimes is a major decision one has to make and not something to be taken lightly.

"Because if you make it a major decision, there is no quitting," he said.

Victor pointed out that in your journey to becoming a healthier version of yourself, you will encounter obstacles, discouragement, and situations that will make you quit.

"You have to realize that is just part of the journey and you have to surpass it," he said, adding that quitting will not help you achieve your goals.

He said before making the decision, you also have to assess your lifestyle.

2. Be committed

It is not enough to make the decision to have a fit and healthy lifestyle in 2018. You also have to have to commitment to achieve your health goals that you have set out for yourself.

"Along with the commitment, you also have to know the ways on how you can stay committed like enrolling at a gym," Victor said, adding that in Anytime Fitness, they have a one year package, which the client can pay within 12 months. The one year membership at the gym encourages their clients to be committed to their health goals.

He said the one-year gym membership is not enough as a means to your commitment to become healthier in 2018.

Victor said the client must also be committed to coming to the gym daily, regularly, or depending on his or her program.

"Commitment is regardless how busy you are, you will find ways to go to the gym," he said, adding that members of Anytime Fitness will be able to workout at any of the gym's branches located in key cities and locations in the country and around the globe.

The trainer said, "There is no quitting in your commitment. How will you achieve self-discipline if you keep on quitting? Being fit is not easy."

3. Find the right people to help

Your road to become a healthier and fitter you is not a smooth ride. You will encounter humps and cracks along the way.

"You have to find the right people to help you in becoming fit but make sure they are credible," Victor said.

He also underscored the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will support you in achieving your fitness and health goals.

Victor recommends getting a professional trainer who has the knowledge and know-how on getting fit or a nutritionist who can help you with your dietary needs.

He said at Anytime Fitness, the fitness trainers are also being trained continuously to be able to meet the needs of their clients.

They also rely on other medical professionals to help craft the programs of the clients.

Victor said clients with medical conditions are asked to get a clearance or assessment from their doctors. From the data or recommendations they get from the client's doctors, they craft a program that will fit the clients needs without them getting hurt.

4. Put it into action

Victor said it is not enough to wish or have a plan for your health goals.

"It is one thing to wish, it is another thing when putting it (plans) into action. It is a different animal," Victor said.

At the same time, he said, one must also learn to love the process one has to go through in achieving their health goals.

"You now have your goals but how will you able to reach it if you do not like the process," Victor said.

5. Remain consistent

"It doesn't mean that when you reach your (health) goals, you stop already," Victor said.

He said one must strive to continue to remain healthy by being consistent with their healthier lifestyle.

Victor said that by being consistent with what they are doing they will be able to reap its benefits like being able to prevent certain diseases or illnesses.

"Being healthier allows them to become more efficient in their work or career. If the person is fit they are not lazy, they are proactive," Victor said.

Lastly, Victor urges everyone to continue to do their best in achieving their health goals this year.

"Stay true to your goal... The result is not instant, it takes commitment to achieve your goal. Along the way you will also discover more about yourself. We owe it to ourselves to be healthy," he said.

Visit Anytime Fitness Abreeza at the second floor of the Abreeza Corporate Center, JP Laurel Ave., Davao City. Call them at (0928) 872 1239 or email them at abreeza@anytimefitness.ph. Know more about Anytime Fitness by visiting their website, www.anytimefitness.ph.

About the trainer

Victor Orinza Rivero

Club Head Personal Trainer

Anytime Fitness Abreeza


- Functional Aging Specialist

- Met/Con (metabolic conditining) Level 1 specialist

- Metafit HIIT certified coach

- AFAA certified group fitness instructor

- Licensed Zumba Instructor

- Respiratory Therapy


- Weight and body composition management

- Fitness assessment and evaluation

- Movement screening

- Metabolic conditioning

- Functional training for Matured Adults

- HIIT training

- Boot camp training

- Health and wellness for general population

- Functional strength and conditioning