IT SEEMS all travelers are to suffer until a right solution is found. Several alternative rules were tried but it did not succeed. Color coding, shared rides, nose in nose out courtesy in curves were not effective.

Discipline is always wanting in truant drivers. Speed limit in highways did not work. Roads have been designated by the traffic officers. The right road is reserved for busses only with spots for loading and unloading; the jeeps next, which presents the biggest problems right now which has to be solved. The motorcycle and bicycle lane is on the left side of the road. No provisions for tricycles and "padyak" cycles are allowed on the main roads. Roads are accident ridden because of erring drivers in cases of "road rage" and cutting across lanes.

The presence of the LRT and MRT railways have complicated issues, too. The daily long line of passengers seeking for a ride is a daily sight. Earlier, it was smooth accommodations with enough "Bagons." Now with so many under repair, the problems started. The trip is disturbed with all kinds of maneuvering problems, power failure, stuck up ride. Lately, only two good working Bagon are active. Corruption was evident when several new bagon after biddings were found out to be not suited for the railway mechanism. All these bad investments went to waste and investigated. Who signed the contracts? Lately, the Traffic Agency had signed an agreement with Japan for the planned MRT 7. The present railway problems had come out with an unfit annexing hook line which connects bagon. Result trip is disturbed. For the repeated troubles for passengers to ride to escape traffic in the roads; the government had provided special busses free of charge for passengers who cannot use the trains.

In one of my researches on transportation problems, I read about this bright idea to maximize the available means of transporting passengers. It is the overhead railways on both sides of the street. Add to this the road railways on both sides of the street; and the availability of underpasses will total 6 in all.

Going back to Manila's Edsa, the continuous additional cars, busses, jeeps, and other vehicles considered to be accommodated at one main road with the same size is impossible. Considerations for using side streets as entering subdivisions roads will not be easy. This is trespassing in private properties.

Another measure was to close selected bus terminals along Edsa and relocate them to the outskirts area of the provinces where they ply their route. This spelled another problem, their passengers will have to ride jeeps to go to their terminals.

The jeep modernization proclamation with this slogan --

"No Bulok; No Usok." All dilapidated jeeps are no longer permitted on the road. The franchise owners are given the chance to purchase the E Jeeps using electricity, It is higher, more roomy to accommodate more passengers and may have air condition comfort. This has to be done. Davao City is starting to feel the discomfort of traffic, a sign of progress, and it should already have a feasibility study not to repeat what happened in Manila. For comments text mobile no. 09202112534.