THE Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) of Negros Occidental reported that prices of pork and dressed chicken have increased anew mainly due to consumers’ preference of other meat products.

Based on Prevailing Weekly Market Price Monitoring Report of PVO released yesterday, the average price of pork went up to P202.50, or an increase of P0.71 per kilogram.

On January 22, PVO reported that a kilogram of pork cost P201.79 only. It was higher by P0.15 per kilogram compared to P201.64 reported last January 15.

Average price of dressed chicken also registered an increase of P0.42 per kilogram.

From P162.18 per kilogram, it rose to P162.60. These figures are higher than the other week’s price of P157.50 per kilogram.

Provincial Veterinarian Renante Decena Monday, January 29, said the consecutive upward movement in prices of pork and dressed chicken is attributed to the increase in demand for the commodities.

The Dinagsa Festival in Cadiz City, which started last week has contributed to higher meat supply requirement, Decena said, adding that “pork and chicken preference of local consumers is high.”

PVO, meanwhile, reported decreases in the prices of beef products.

A kilogram of carabeef now costs P228.65, lower by P0.24 than the previous price of P228.89 per kilogram.

In terms of beef, the prevailing average cost is P236.19 per kilogram, or a drop of P0.48 from P236.67 per kilogram before.

Decena said consumers prefer pork and chicken since these have lesser costs compared to other meat products like carabeef and beef.