A TOP official of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that the agency will auction the impounded motorcycles that remain unclaimed by the owners.

The public auction will be held after the observance of the Holy Week, this year.

Lawyer Aminola Abaton, LTO regional director, disclosed that there are 55 units of unclaimed motorcycles kept in the impounding area of the office at the Zamboanga Economic Zone (Zamboecozone) compound.

Abaton said some of the motorcycles have been impounded since 2014 and remained unclaimed until this year.

He said that under the existing law, they can disposed the vehicle through public auction once it remains unclaimed after six month from the date it was impounded.

He said among the violation of the owners of impounded motorcycles are unregistered unit and driving without license.

He said the penalty for driving of unregistered vehicle is P12,000 while P5,000 for driving without license.