WE WERE told that words aren't really that necessary to communicate your emotions to another person as we have actions to do that, it's even way more meaningful they say. But coming from a family who does not speak of their feelings as often as needed, I long for that kind of gesture.

Growing up, I had more than one mother, four in fact. They were my mother's sisters who helped raised me. Each of them has significant roles in providing my needs as well as my wants (emphasis on wants) because then, I was the only grandchild on my mother's side of the family and all of them had the thirst and excitement to spoil me.

Among them, my Tita has given me most of the luxuries I enjoy. Name a popular gadget during my childhood and I have it- the most expensive brand. On ordinary days, I get Nike, Fila, Timex, and Swatch. If there's a superlative for the word generous, she can be the epitome. But unfortunately, above all these, I could not recall any sweet memories of us together.

We did not really had so much time spent alone, no fond moments to remember, maybe because most of the time, she was abroad and I was a just little kid, young and unaware.

I think my Tita has always made it some sort of her obligation to feed us (her nieces and nephews) with material stuff she thinks we need. And we are thankful for all that.

But as I said, we never really spoke much of it, and so, I've always felt that I had to do something to pay back.

Now that I'm old enough to know (that our expressions are not limited through actions) and already earning on my own, I am now on the path of returning the kind of love she has given us. Maybe not in the same language she knows but of the language I want to learn.

To my Tita Gelyn, I'm sorry, thank you, I love you.