THESE days, a spa is not just for those who want to relax and pamper themselves. It has been gaining ground as well as a hub to “renew” the appearance of someone’s well-loved possession: bags.

As the world of fashion continues to offer innovation and some unique improvements, so are the services that cater to it.

For bag lovers, especially those who have a handful of luxury brands, taking care of these precious pieces is a must.

How do you do it, then? Well, bring them to the bag spa!

Owners Dr. Meliza Carla Agoilo, Ellen Luz Quilaneta, and Chinggay Quong are the first to introduce a bag spa here.

With the opening of Mederi, Davao’s self-confessed luxury bag hoarders no longer have to send their pricey stuff to Manila to have them cleaned and restored.

Mederi is a bag spa company offering advanced cleaning, restoration and repair services to most luxury handbags, wallets, shoes and belts using only the safest chemicals and techniques for these prized possessions.

The owners of the company narrated that as bag lovers themselves, they understand the needs of luxury handbag owners.

“Unfortunately, we have to send our bags to Luzon where most, if not all, of the bag spas are located. It is really a hassle, and on top of that, quite expensive, too,” they said.

Considering this, the thought of learning how these services are done and eventually opening up Mederi came about.

“Ironically, the idea of starting up this business came from one of the bag specialist’s husband,” Chinggay recalled.

“Hearing a bag-lover wife always complaining about the hassle of sending her bags to Manila to have them cleaned or restored would probably make a husband think of a bag spa service as a business. True enough, that was the most brilliant idea ever,” she added.

Apart from saving on logistics cost and avoiding the hassle, there is more to enjoy about the opening of the first bag spa in Mindanao: its rates.

“Our rates are very reasonably priced. We even have clients from Manila who opt to send their bags to us and have them restored here because our rates are really more affordable,” the women entrepreneurs said.

Their services can be availed of for as low as P1,000. And yes, the investment you poured in to buy your bags is surely taken cared of as Carla, Ellen and Chinggay are really hands-on when assessing the condition of your bag. You can even discuss with them personally about the procedure to be done to your prized collection.

While their line of business can be considered new and not as popular as the other services, they are still very optimistic about the Davao market. In fact, they have already been enjoying a good traffic.

“Although, there are already a number of bag and shoe repair services in the city, ours is the only bag spa service specializing in luxury handbags, and that is our edge,” they said.

While a woman is never going to stop needing her handbag, they were one in saying that there will always be a luxury goods market (especially with the advent of preloved bags) to suit her high-end desires.

“Of course, like cars, they need to be maintained. That is where we, your bag angels at Mederi, come in; pampering your most prized possessions.”

“We have just formally started January of this year but the response from our clients is overwhelming. Literally! Maybe, we’ll be needing more bag angels?”

“Who would not be happy with seven bags for pampering from just one customer, right? We can’t predict the future, but for now, we will be here as long as our services are needed.”

Your bag angels can be reached at mobile numbers 0917-721-8763, 0917-791-4955, and 0917-665-6415.


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