"I RESPECT his opinion no matter how crazy it is. I believe in democracy and I respect his opinion. I think he is really crazy but I still respect crazy people,” said Davao City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte after saying that she is ready to appear before the Senate should she be subpoenaed in line with a resolution filed by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV calling to probe her and her father President Rodrigo R. Duterte's bank accounts.

“I respect the authority of the Senate as part of the legislative branch of the government, if there is really a subpoena, but if it is just an invitation I do not think I would attend. But if it is a subpoena with a penalty of contempt, I might, I will go,” she added.

What the mayor actually exuded was the epitome of "chill", where she is unfazed by attacks of people trying to bait the family into a never-ending debate of he-said-she-said. Which actually not just gives us a glimpse of the strength of depth of the mayor as a woman, but also gives us an insight on how we should be comporting ourselves.

The social media has stirred a hornet's nest, where people just rant and rage every day for every little thing. But taking a few minutes to ponder, there isn't really any reason for the rant and rage since the social media is made up of different people who have different beliefs, world-views, and yes, political leanings (to some, political patrons). It does not serve anything if we lose our cool and make that anger define how our day goes, as anger tends to do. "Nakakasira ng araw," as we should often say. And yet, we are the ones who allow these people, many of them we do not even know personally, destroy our outlook for the day. For what? Nothing.

There's something to be learned in this news. Just state your stand, so that people will at least know your stand, and then exit.

In the mayor's case, she said: “He is lying, I will show you an example on how confused he is. Initially he said that his source is Joseph de Mesa, and he cannot produce Mr. De Mesa. He said that the source is the Anti-Money Laundering Act (Amla) documents but then he is tweeting the President saying that the president refuses to issue a waiver so that Amla documents will be issued, so how come he has in his possession purported Amla documents. Dito nakikita natin that he is not really making sense."

And then she exits, "I think he is really crazy but I still respect crazy people."