ONCE again, Mr. Chito Germino is taking a Bible passage way out of context. He surmises that the “sons of God” or “heavenly beings” in Genesis 6 are aliens or the gods of other religions.

Here is the real meaning: The “sons of God” are the faithful descendants of Adam. Adam was the first created son of God (Luke 3:38). Through Adam’s sin, human nature became weakened. This is evident when Adam’s son Cain kills his brother Abel. Cain’s descendants would go on to commit more wickedness, notably his great-grandson Lamech. Lamech was the first man mentioned in Scripture to have two wives (Genesis 4:19). Thus, he disobeyed the original plan of God that there should be one husband and one wife.

But not all of Adam’s descendants were wicked. He had another son, Seth, who would father Enosh. This line of Adam would be a good line, as they were the people that “began using the Lord’s holy name in worship” (Genesis 4:26b). These children of Adam were faithful “sons of God.”

Later, the “sons of God” would fall into wickedness themselves. “..that the sons of God (Seth’s descendants) saw the daughters of men (Cain’s descendants) that they were fair, and they took them wives in all which they chose.” (Genesis 6:2) See here that the good children of Adam were carried away by sin and took as many wives as they wanted, imitating the sin of polygamy by Lamech.

This unbridled womanizing by Seth’s descendants was the reason for the great flood we grew up learning. “When the Lord saw how wicked everyone on earth was and how evil their thoughts were all the time, he was sorry that he had ever made them..” (Genesis 6:5-6) Then we all know about the flood, Noah’s ark, etc. which came after.

So you see, when interpreting the Bible, we need to refer to the teaching of the Church. God gave us the Bible as His infallible Word, and He also gave us the Church to infallibly proclaim and interpret His word.

As St. Peter says, “..remember that none of us can explain by ourselves a prophecy in the Scriptures.”(2 Peter 1:20)--Gerard Biagan

Indemnity fund

I urge French multinational pharmaceutical company Sanofi S.A. to put up a reserve of money that would “secure Filipino families against any loss or financial burden” suffered due to its faulty anti-dengue vaccine.

It is time for Sanofi to comply with Health Secretary Francisco Duque’s request for an indemnity fund to pay for the treatment of Filipino school children rendered sick after receiving Dengvaxia shots.

Also, graft charges may be warranted against the officials involved even if they did not make any money for themselves from the transaction.

Under the law, officials may be held accountable for corrupt and unlawful acts, such as entering into highly injurious purchase contracts, without any need to establish that they profited from the deal.

Without admitting any wrongdoing, Sanofi in January reimbursed the Department of Health the amount of P1.16-billion for the unused doses of Dengvaxia.--Rep. Johnny T. Pimentel, Second District, Surigao del Sur