Ecclesiates 3:1-12

SOME claim and act like they have a mastery of time. Many others boast that they have perfected the art of time management. Honestly, time remains a mystery. Solomon, with all his poetic arrangements of words, wrote the well-loved and most quoted Ecclesiates 3. Solomon wrote it in such a manner that, though being incessantly discussed and dissected, the profoundness of the mystery is preserved.

How do we face the mystery of time with a quiet heart? It is not so much about racing head-on against time; it is more of flowing in time with the unforced rhythm of grace. The key word is flow, not fight. Sometimes, fighters need to learn to become flow...ers . . . hahaha. As we journey along, facing the mystery of time, let us not be dogmatic about controlling time . . . rather, with the wisdom coming from a Quiet Heart; let us enter into a sacred and practical friendship with time.

Befriending time makes us waltz with the mystery of time, rather than marching in time with the cadence of rigidity.

Here are some thoughts about facing the mystery of time with a Quiet Heart: again, a Quiet Heart is not in a hurry for answers; a Quiet Heart is not afraid of questions; a quiet heart can live with the many mysteries of faith. Let us journey together as we face this issue of time.

With a Quiet Heart, do not fight time, learn from it. Learn to respect the Divine design of time. It says in verse 1, "there is an appointed time for everything". Meaning: Confront the addiction to always be ahead of others... to always finish first. My addiction to be first by being fast is always put on hold when I hear the song sung by Sandi Patti entitled "In His Love"... it goes like this "In His love there's no need to hurry everything is on time". Enjoy the package of your age, don't fast track it. With a Quiet Heart, learn to discern the seasons of life. Take this quote to heart... "The secret of peace with God is when you discover, appreciate and accept God's perfect timing." I got this from the Life Application Bible commentary. As you go through life, learn the lessons of the following: the wisdom of timing, the wonder of acceptance, the adventure of faith, the reality of change, the strength of tenacity, the abundance of laughter, the solemnity of grief, the blessings of the present, the maturity of releasing, daily receiving the gifts of choice, chance, change or the chance to change . . . Believe me the lessons are unending.

With a Quiet Heart, don't fast-track time, learn to flow along . . . enjoy each moment. Honestly, the long life many desire is useless if each moment of life is not cherished and enjoyed. Take no shortcuts; go through all the growth pains. It really helps when we become less controlling and more releasing persons. Observe a rhythm of grace . . . do not run a rat-race. Relate more and rebuke less, in this way we build authentic and meaningful relationships along the way. Sometimes, the loneliest person in the world is the one who cannot tolerate a mistake. With a Quiet Heart don't be furious about time, adjust your sail where the wind is blowing. Try the sailboat adventure, slow and suave . . . leave the speed boats at bay, take your time. Learn to realize that the results of all our efforts are only made meaningful by the relationship we have made along the way.

With a Quiet Heart, fade away with a clear view of eternity. Invest on things and activities that have eternal value. Cultivate relationships; engaging more in dialogues than trying to win debates. Age with grace; be at peace with God by trusting His Son Jesus. Learn to accept failure; wait for your chance rather than demand. Swallow the bitter pill of repentance. Live with your regrets and humbly avail of God's redemption. As my good friend Rev. Ed Gaston would say, keep asking for a miracle! I envy people who can honestly say ‘I am ready’ when the Timekeeper says its time.

From a heart quieted by the mystery of time, I write this piece. Thanks for reading.