BAGUIO City Representative Marquez Go denied any connections to the alleged selection of bidders for the various infrastructure projects in the summer capital.

Go reacted to reports on individuals identifying themselves to be under the Office of the Congressman who determines contractors and projects to be awarded.

"I have no knowledge on these allegations. I believe this is the job of the Public Works Department under an open bidding process to which we do not dictate on to whom a project should be awarded."

Under the process of bidding, contracts for the procurement of goods shall not be approved unless a Certificate of Availability of Funds (CAF) has been issued by the proper accounting official of the concerned agency certifying that funds are available and have been duly appropriated for the purpose to cover the expenditures for the current fiscal year.

The Congressman explained: "What we do is to ask the different Barangays in the city on what projects they would recommend to the district office of the competitive bidding unless a more appropriate method has been duly approved for adoption. Other than the open competitive bidding methods, Annex "C" outlines the various alternative methods of procurement and the conditions under which such methods may be adopted in the interest of economy and efficiency.

Go reiterated that "these projects are not projects of the Congressman but are projects of the government. We are here to ensure that the implementers of the projects of government must be well executed."

"Only eligible bidders as hereinafter determined may participate in the bidding and may be awarded contracts if the same bidders are found qualified in accordance with the pertinent provisions of these IRR," he added.