GABRIELA Women's Party-list (GWP) Representative Emmi Brosas has criticized Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque Jr. for saying that feminists are sometimes overacting (OA) when it comes to President Rodrigo Duterte's statements.

De Jesus said speaking up for women’s rights will never be too much under an administration that brazenly degrades and disrespects women.

The lawmaker said Duterte's "minions" are just providing various reasons for women to rise up in protest against all forms of violence against women.

"They should expect more women to speak up and reject this style of macho-fascist leadership. We cannot just take these vile remarks sitting down," she added.

Earlier this week, Roque, in a Facebook interview said feminists are sometimes overacting when it comes to the statements of President Duterte.

The spokesman said this after he was asked to share stories shared by the President.

Roque said Duterte once joked that he is okay on being indicted by the International Criminal Court as long as he will be allowed to be visited by more than one woman.

He said this kind of humor is the reason why Filipinos like the President.

"I think that's why people love him because in the Philippines, even if we are in despair, even if we are in despair, even if we are like, even hopeless, instead of crying, we laugh. So you know, I think that's very Filipino and that's why we identify with his humor," Roque said.

The President previously joked about wanting to join the gang rape of an Australian woman in Davao when he was mayor. He also joked about using 42 virgins to attract tourists to visit the country. (Keith Calayag/SunStar Philippines)