BAGUIO City Representative Marquez Go assured a third hearing in the coming weeks for oil companies to explain the disparity in the prices of fuel products between Baguio City and the Province of La Union.

Go said the committee on energy, headed by Lloyd Velasco, is set to invite oil firms either on the last week of February or the first week of March.

"In our next hearing, we will ask these oil companies to bring down the prices of petroleum products or like what I have earlier stated, we will be filing an amendment to the oil deregulation law to give way for the Department of Energy to set a limit in the increase in prices of gasoline products," Go said.

In their weekly monitoring of petroleum products, the committee recorded the price of diesel at P40.33 per liter in Rosario, La Union, while gasoline ranges from P50.86 to P51.15.

In Baguio City, diesel is at P45 per liter, and gasoline products range from P59 to P63 per liter with a disparity of P10.

"Theoretically, diesel products have not increased contrary to gasoline which recorded a P13 to P14 to a low of P10 per liter between Rosario, La Union and Baguio City. These petroleum companies must explain the disparity in Baguio City," said Go.