Friday July 20, 2018

Closure of Ouano Ave.

A FEW lanes on Ouano Ave. in Mandaue City will be closed to traffic when the road concreting project of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) starts at the end of the month.

Mayor Gabriel Luis Quisumbing said there will be six phases in the road rehabilitation project of the DPWH, which will take about a year.

While portions of Ouano Ave. will be closed, traffic will be diverted to Zuellig Ave. and Mantawi Drive.

The mayor met with DPWH officials last week to ask for updates about Ouano Ave., United Nations Ave. and other national roads where projects will be implemented.

The Mandaue City Government received several complaints from the motorists about the dilapidated parts of Ouano Ave.

However, the City cannot easily act on the matter because it is a national road.

“We’ve gotten so many complaints about Ouano Ave. and the road condition and we have been asking the DPWH for quite some time to do the maintenance and repair, but this is much better because rather than patching and relayering the asphalt, tapal-tapal ra (in installments), this is going to be a complete reconcreting,” said Quisumbing.

The DPWH allocated P223.707 million for the redevelopment of Ouano Ave., which stretches for 7.60 kilometers.

“Unfortunately, it’s going to be an almost complete reconcreting of Ouano Ave., which means that periodically certain parts of Ouano Ave. will be closed down to traffic while the DPWH completes the repair,” Quisumbing said.

The first phase will be the four lanes near the Cebu Port Authority, particularly the road for vehicles coming from Cebu City to Mandaue City.

The phase one will take about three months.

The City Government and DPWH agreed to fix some of the potholes in Zuellig and Mantawi before the road concreting in Ouano will start.

The Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue will issue a traffic rerouting plan.

The mayor will also meet the stakeholders who have some businesses along Ouano Ave.

“The DPWH nihangyo nga among tawgan ang mga (asked that we contact the) stakeholders, those who have businesses along the area, so that we can have a stakeholders meeting and inform them about, first of all, the engineering plans, but also the traffic rerouting so that they can also inform their customers,” the mayor added. (FMG)