ME PLUS you, table set for two. Mon amour, do you remember the place where you said I love you for the first time, while you held my hand tightly and our lips touched as the sun kissed the horizon?

How can one forget such a romantic moment? If you did, you're surely in trouble.

In this age when traveling to any point in the planet can be accessible with a click of the send button on the keyboard, anyone can choose when and where they can utter the sweetest three-word phrase, get down on one's knee and propose or spend the first night as wedded couple.

The first issue of this story came out in 2013 with the young that restless couples trotting across the globe and marking the spots they found to be most romantic.

Today, another set of couples share their travel experiences. Traveling constantly, they found new places they can add to their list of romantic places, and where they wish to go on their next honeymoon.

You might want to take a hint where to take your loved one.

Jing and Sylvia Magno

Most romantic place: Beijing in Autumn. Everything is perfect. From the changing color of the foliage to the cool weather.

Next honeymoon destination: I think South Africa is a beautiful place for our next honeymoon destination because there are beautiful river resorts and secluded terrace resorts. In this place, you get to see magnificent views of landscapes, go hiking, mountain biking, walk on pristine beaches with your loved one, and of course the safari experience.

Bernie and Cherry Al-ag

Most romantic place: Lake Tahoe, California, USA. The lake's calmness with a beautiful mountain at the backdrop plus the serenity of the community just makes it a perfect place to snuggle and fall in love.

Next honeymoon destination: El Nido, Palawan! We have reached the point where we prefer more relaxation as we enjoy beauty and new experiences together. We like to go to a place with a lot of greens, blue and serenity!

Dennis and Che Uy

Most romantic place: Definitely Italy! It's one of those places that are timelessly romantic. The second you've stepped foot onto a cobbled piazza or watch the world float by from a gondola, you'll be smitten with la dolce vita. With its charm, picturesque squares, spectacular views, warm

and friendly people, it's absolutely the perfect lovers destination.

Next honeymoon destination: St. Barts. It's a picturesque paradise with its amazing beaches, stunning scenery and amazing restaurants where couples can celebrate love in style. I think that St. Barts represents the very apex of Caribbean essence mixed with pure French indulgence.

Richard and Erika Mata

Most romantic place: Porto in Portugal is the most romantic we've been to. The charming Douro River, with dimly lit streets at the night, invites stolen kisses. The cozy cafes lining the narrow and winding streets make perfect place to snuggle while having coffee. Since Porto sits upon hills, there is no shortage of beautiful lookout points from which to enjoy breathtaking sunsets. There's also the inescapable seduction of Porto wines. We had one of our dinner dates at a wine cellar and drenched ourselves with the ubiquitous Port wine.

Next honeymoon destination: Florence, Italy. The combination of the old city vibe, good food and wine, and cool weather make the place truly romantic.

Kenneth and Janet Hao

Most romantic place: Japan is the most romantic place for a honeymoon especially during autumn. The weather is cool great time for a stroll at night. The feel of Japan seems to be magical in a way you feel somewhat you're in a crossroad of ancient tradition and modern Japan.

Next honeymoon destination: Hong Kong. Since we love food and window shopping, where else in the world would we want to be? Hong Kong is the food Mecca of Asia.

Butchoy and Bing Taojo

Most romantic place: In our 32 of spending Valentine together, most romantic was in a village in Santa Luzia, Lisbon, Portugal. Ambience was rustic, great local wine, our favorite grilled seafood wafting, while one impassioned Fado singer performed after another.

Next honeymoon destination: It may remain a dream, but our wish is to spend Valentine in our own luxe resort someday.

John and Mitos Soria

Most romantic place: We consider Tokyo during the Sakura season as one of the most romantic place. In Japan, the cherry blossom (Sakura) represents the fragility and beauty of life. For us, it's symbolic to the fact that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but is also very short, hence the best way to celebrate it is through love.

Walking hand in hand under the Sakura tunnel is so beautiful beyond words. Nothing for us is as romantic as this. But when they start to fall they cover the ground like you are walking on top of Sakura confetti. Imagine a sight such as this can.

Next honeymoon destination: Mont Saint-Michel in France because we love to experience how life, and of course love, was during the medieval times.

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