MOST of the single Dabawenyos chose to be so because they want to focus on their careers, a survey said.

In a survey conducted by the University of Mindanao–Institute of Popular Opinion (UM-IPO), 1,200 random Dabawenyos were asked about their current romantic status. About 41 percent claimed to be single and are currently not in any form of romantic relationship.

Most of the single Dabawenyos (52 percent) are females, followed by 31 percent single males, and 16 percent single LGBTs.

The survey revealed that 43 percent of these single individuals prioritize their careers over a romantic relationship.

There are a lot of respondents, about 38 percent, who are also bread winners of the family, thus, having no time to be in a relationship.

About 34 percent said they currently do not have anyone whom they are interested with.

Others said they are still recovering from a previous break-up, while others said they are currently happy and contented with their friends. Each of these reasons got 21 percent of the respondents each.

Still a good 17 percent did not push through with the relationship because the parents of their partner did not want them for their children.

Nine percent of the Dabawenyos chose to be single rather than adjust their standards. They remain single as they have yet to meet someone who would go with their standards for an ideal partner.

Some of the single respondents said no one is currently available, while some remain single because of their religious belief. Each of these reasons got four percent of the respondents.

The survey was conducted in the three districts of Davao City on January 31 to February 8. Respondents fall under the ages 21 to 70 years old with the majority being 21 to 40 years old (60 percent). Cluster and systematic samplings were implemented to ensure the generalizability of the findings.