THE City's General Services Office (GSO) recorded 90 percent compliance rating in its strict implementation of the "No segregation, No collection" policy of garbage coming from Baguio City's public market and Central Business District.

GSO representative Dominador Orbanoso said the increase was due to the timely dissemination of the measure, which will be strictly implemented in the coming days in all of Baguio City's barangays.

"We started the strict implementation last month to which members of the market association and business establishments along the CBD area have complied with placing only their segregated garbage at the identified collection zones," Orbanoso said.

Starting March, GSO will strictly implement the "No segregation, No collection" policy in the different barangays in the city.

"The 10 percent increase in compliance coming from the city market and the central business district is due to the advance information of the city's strict implementation of the policy, which the businessmen complied with, which we expect the barangays to strictly follow too," said Orbanoso.

Baguio City produces some 160-162 tons of garbage per day, while the present hauling cost of garbage to the Urdaneta City engineered sanitary landfill is at P750 per ton with a tipping fee of P500 as compared to the previous P3,400 per ton to Capas, Tarlac.

Meanwhile, the GSO assured residents of proper sanitation in garbage transfer station along Marcos Highway.

"Despite allegations that the present transfer station of garbage which we established right after the office of the National Meat Inspection Commission along Marcos Highway was exhibiting foul odor, we continue to conduct the application of deodorizers which have contained the smell. The transfer station does not exhibit any foul odor," Orbanoso added.