THE Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) has introduced a mechanism that will gauge the performance of barangay officials in Western Visayas.

Memorandum Circular 2018-12 introduced Project Barangay Check or barangay that is Compliant to laws, rules and regulations and exemplifying Honest, Empowered, Corruption-free and Knowledge-centric governance.

A regional office innovation, it is a process of determining the performance of barangay officials, said lawyer Ferdinand Panes, DILG director for Iloilo City.

This mechanism is unique in Western Visayas since it is only in this region where this is being carried out.

"This time, the DILG has a monitoring system to determine what barangays are working as far as the DILG mandate is concerned," said Panes.

Panes added there is a checklist that enumerates the roles and responsibilities of barangays based on the Local Government Code and existing guidelines of the DILG.

It is a three-phase project where the first phase will be a self-assessment tool. Barangay officials will be the one to check and thereafter will be initially be evaluated by the city DILG.

The validation will have representatives from civil society or faith-based organizations.

The result will be submitted to the regional office for their findings.

The same process will be done during the second phase but the result will be furnished to the office of mayor.

During the third phase, the result will be submitted to the Commission on Audit, Ombudsman and the mayor for appropriate action.

Panes added that maybe in the near future, DILG can come up with "incentives awards" based on the Check for performing barangays.

He said it is similar to the Local Government Performance Management System that once served as a self-assessment tool for local government units.

Later on it served as basis in providing incentives to best performing LGUs such as the Seal of Good Housekeeping and Seal of Good Local Governance.

He said this time around, the initiative was born in Western Visayas. (PNA)