NOW on its third week in Davao cinemas, the North American box-office Black Panther, is still roaring loud as moviegoers continue to come in.

The Black Panther played by American actor Chadwick Boseman is Marvel's first superhero film with a predominantly black cast and without a doubt, successful in claiming hearts of the comic giant's fans worldwide.

With the hype going on and about, have you found out who among the cast is your match?

The young leader: T’Challa

Taking over the role of president of Wakanda after his father’s demise, T’challa is yet to convince himself that he is capable of ruling his home as good as his ancestors. But with friends and family on his side, the young leader feels assured and calm as he faces the challenges that come along the way.

Thoughtful, honorable, and rarely loses his cool.

The vengeful one: Erik Killmonger

He could be the king’s ally but given his wrong interpretation of things, he grew up with anger written all over his life. He’s the misunderstood character in the movie and extremely passionate about his beliefs even if it’s different from the others.

Being Erik means having a strong personality and a remarkable ability to win people over. You are always willing to stand up for what you believe is right even if it means you stand alone.

Everyone’s friend: Shuri

There’s always a good time when she’s around. She’s smart, flowing with sass, and proves herself helpful to anyone in need. The princess is widely-known for your creativity, innovation, and sense of humor.

She’s the one who’s looking for ways to make the world better and aren't afraid to take risks. A caring and loyal person who puts family first but is not afraid to ask loved ones tough questions when necessary

The one who got his life put together: Nakia

Organised, disciplined and intuitive, Nakia is observant and has a great knack for reading people. Forward-thinker and cares deeply about being with friends and the people she holds dear.

Have you found who you are in Wakanda already? Well haven’t picked yet, maybe you need to watch it again and relive the entertainment. But if you haven’t watched it yet, you should really get going and put on those IMAX 3D Glasses! Because trust us when we say IMAX makes all the difference.