“THE Vagina Monologues” (TVM), an empowering stage play that pushes to reclaim words that society has programmed to label “taboo” and calls attention to the gender-based issues on discrimination and violence, returns to Cebu on Feb. 25 in time for its 20th global anniversary.

The play was created by Eve Ensler who based it on interviews she conducted with hundreds of women about their own sexuality and empowerment. “V-Day,” which happens every February, was spawned and inspired by The Vagina Monologues back in 1998 and aims to end gender-based violence against women and children.

This year’s cast, labelled “Vagina Warriors,” consists of women from varied walks of life who have banded together to perform for the benefit of the Bidlisiw Foundation Inc., a group dedicated to aid the current circumstances and shed light upon the issues of child pornography, human trafficking and HIV-Aids.

“V-Day is not just highlighting the call against violence—we also celebrate the victories we have all over the world. We declare that women have a place and are equal partners with men,” said Sarah Eclona-Henderson, the producing artistic director of 2TinCans Philippines Inc.

Regal Oliva, an accomplished lawyer and one of the performers, said: “All women can be Vagina Warriors. We are only performing. But anyone who fights for women’s rights and to end violence is a warrior. I represent people who identify themselves as women—the transgender women.”

“After all these years, I still do this because it is an opportunity to start a conversation on what is happening to these women and girls. As a performer, you have to look for a real place inside of you and lend your voice to speak for these individuals. So I will do this until the violence stops,” said Charlene Virlouvet, one of the pioneer TVM performers.

The show will be held in Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, Lahug, Cebu City. Tickets for The Vagina Monologues are available at the Waterfront Box Office at the hotel lobby, the reception area of Casino Filipino in Lahug, the 2TinCans Philippines office at 479 Archbishop Reyes Ave. Lahug, Cebu City and online at 2tincans.yapsody.com. (PR)