HAS anybody pointed out that lawyer-vice mayor Jonah John Ungab was gunned down shortly after the hearing of his client alleged drug tracker Kerwin Espinosa, near the seat of Cebu’s justice, the Qimonda?

He could’ve been shot elsewhere, in a remote and less public place. Was it not to focus on his being a lawyer and the kind of lawyering that he did?

Either to hide a personal motive or, more probable, to send the message about lawyers helping suspects or accused in the drug trade.

Confusing the issue

Whether Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña has a college degree or not has nothing to do with whether Mike Rama, when he was mayor, bought overpriced tire clamps.

Did Mike’s administration buy tire clamps at P44,950 each and pay P4.495 million for 100 units, when Tomas was able to buy them for P8,457 each and pay P8.457 million for the same number of clamps?

Tomas claims he saved the city P3.69 million, which must be the alleged overprice.

Mike can refute the accusation by showing brands, numbers and other details. Instead, after saying the purchase went through the process, he attacked Tomas’s propensity to criticize “people who are lawyers, those with a diploma.”

Mike might be right about Tomas’s being a college dropout, but what about the overprice issue?

Betting on diploma

Wikipedia, which isn’t exactly known for accuracy, says Tomas “spent his high school years at Sacred Heart School for Boys in Cebu City and allegedly took Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics at Xavier University, Ateneo de Cagayan in Cagayan de Oro City.” But he didn’t finish college, says Wikipedia, “just like his brother the former senator, Sergio Osmeña III.” (Note Wikipedia’s use of “allegedly.”)

If Wikipedia is right, why is Tomas so brave as to bet from P50,000 to P50 million that he has a college degree, daring Mike and another Barug Team Rama councilor to put their money where their mouth is?

Shouldn’t an inquiry to the school settle the long-ng dispute once and for all. But don’t forget about the alleged P3.6 million overprice.