Ledesma: Beware of the dark forces

THE Duterte government must keep watch over the sudden emergence of the dark side of the Force so to speak. This in addition to the renewed concerted attack and destabilization moves that the opposition and human rights enterprises are waging with impunity. These forces along with media networks and attack dogs that are financed by foreign “donors” and the local oligarchs have perceptibly raised their strikes on the Duterte government without letup.

Issues involving actions and decisions by the Aquino administration are being exploited to implead the incumbent officials of the Duterte government. The controversial issue of dengvaxia for example are creatively tweaked to drag the present officials of the Department of Health. And then there is that issue of the frigate deal which was contracted by the Aquino government which dragged the most intimate person to President Duterte, the almost indistinctive Presidential Assistant Sec. Christopher “Bong” Go. While he supervises the Presidential Management Staff, his role is practically ministerial and yet he is being subjected to all forms of unjust innuendos.

The referral of the frigate issue was just one of the many items that pass PMS which as a matter of course, he endorses to the proper Department for the usual banal note: “appropriate action”.

I can only think of his closeness to President Duterte as the main reason why Bong’s insipid endorsement is being exploited to the hilt by the President’s rabid critics. But what surprises me the most is when the Senate wants to question PAS Bong Go despite the manifestation of former Philippine Navy Vice Admiral Ronald Joseph Mercado that he has no involvement whatsoever in the frigate deal, this having been concluded during the term of Aquino.

The Senate leadership is falling into the trap of the opposition and that to me is a symptom of weakness and therefore tragic. Lending a forum for the opposition and wasting precious time to hear arguments about fake news is bad enough. The central figure in that hearing, Maria Ressa of Rappler, is herself a source of fake news. She claimed that Rappler is not a media establishment. She alleged that her major investor, Omidyar Network, waived its veto power to intervene in the editorial content and management of Rappler. Caught lying through her teeth she turned around and said that the $1-million investment of ON in Rappler was a donation despite her issuance of Philippine Deposit Receipts which are commercial documents. She claimed her freedom is curtailed but she exercises that right to the degree symptomatic of a mob.

Rappler is the same media outfit that propagates the prevarications of Matobato, Lascanas, detained Sen. Leila De Lima, and the out-of-sync Sen. Antonio Trillanes who spends peoples’ money traveling to various places in the USA destroying the image of the country. In trying to defend his beloved political ally, past President Aquino, from his direct involvement in the multi-billon-peso transaction of Dengvaxia he claimed, without batting an eyelash, that his children were likewise injected with Dengvaxia, so what’s the fuss. Then he proceeded to dub Davao as the murder and rape capital of the country and citing the year when this was so. The simpleton forgot that it was on that year when Davao City was given a national award as the most peaceful place in the country and that the signatory of that citation was then DILG Sec. Mar Roxas.

Of what degree of gravity is the innocuous note of Bong Go compared to what the dark forces are doing to the country? When the senate heard the Fake news issue it did not even put to task why Maria Ressa has to come up with those contradicting alibis. To date there is no indication that the Senate leadership is going to sanction Trillanes for the insidious acts he committed against the country. It is not even insulted that ICC is going to conduct an investigation over the twisted extra-judicial killing issues which were all conjured by perjured witnesses and their masters in the senate. Why leave everything to Sec. Harry Roque and to Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte? What gives?


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