THE Nutritionist-Dietitians' Association of the Philippines (NDAP) is pushing its members toward excellence in delivering dedicated and genuine service to the Filipino people during its two-day annual convention at SM Lanang, Davao City.

With the theme: "Road to Excellence: Bringing Education and Nutrition Together," NDAP national president Professor Zenaida Faisan-Velasco said the purpose of the convention is to gather all the license dietitians and update their craft.

"It's about the opportunities we could attain as dietitians. When we say opportunities, we are talking about personal and professional growth, because as a dietitian we really need to update and advance ourselves in this field," Velasco said.

At least 1,500 registered nutritionist-dietitians from all parts of the country as well as Asian delegates graced the 63rd NDAP Annual Convention held at the SMX Convention Center at SM Lanang in Davao City which is slated February 22 and 23.

Velasco said the convention will be an avenue for all the registered dietitian nutritionists to carve a space in the global economy, following also their five pillars dubbed as: RAISE - research, awareness, integration, service, and education.

Equipped with evidence-based knowledge and practice, Velasco said the dietitians of the future shall collaborate to support nutrition against ignorance to best serve the interest of different stake-holders nationwide and in the region.

"In order to excel in what we do, we need to have the knowledge and skills. But not just an ordinary knowledge, we want evidence-based. Hindi lang yung basta-basta lang na kukuha ng iba through online and/or magazine," she said.

The NDAP, Velasco said, is determined to improve the nutritional status in the country. She added that speakers and lecturers of the convention have been meticulously selected to inspire and deliver the latest in their field of expertise.

Velasco said there is no other direct and critical investment on a person except education. She added that it is already envisioned that at the end of this convention, all roads will lead to optimum health outcome and better quality of life.

The roster of speakers includes foreign nutrition and health experts from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, National University of Singapore, Malaysian Dietitian Association, Taiwan Dietetic Association and Jumonji University of Japan;

Massey University NZ and local nutrition and health experts from University of Santo Tomas, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Center for Culinary Arts Manila and Asian School of Hospitality Arts, Philippines Psychiatric Association, PRC-BOND, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Department of Education (Deped), International Life Sciences Institute, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.