JUDGE Rufino S. Ferraris, just like in recent years, administered the oath of SunStar Davao editors, reporters and president Gina G. Atienza to the SunStar Code of Standards and Ethics on Thursday.

While we support the call for freedom of speech and the press, we also support and advocate the responsible practice of these rights to ensure that we only come out with quality, objective and unbiased stories to our readers (and viewers via Facebook).

The current landscape of the media is not only bombarded with the threat of misinformation but also the abuse of freedom of speech.

We see some of our colleagues use their "influence" to strong arm some government workers just to get what they want. We see some disrespect rules set by some organizations because they are the "media" and demand that they be given what they want because they are the "media".

As journalists, we are also professionals who are bounded by a set of standards and ethics that will allow us to present ourselves and act accordingly during coverage.

For over two decades now, we live by the SunStar Davao's Code of Standards and Ethics and this is the commitment we give to the community we serve even though media has radically evolved to where it is now.