FRESH from the sea, that's what's serving next on Blue Post Boiling Crabs & Shrimps tables.

You already have your finger-licking favorites-the garlic crabs and shrimps, tuna belly and even the native chicken, but the restaurant's new entries will definitely be added to your list.

Recently, Chuck Gepaya, PR guy of Blue Post, invited the media and bloggers for a preview of what's coming out of Blue Post's kitchen.

After a brief presentation, he signaled the crew to start serving. One by one, the new dishes landed on your wax paper-laden tables. First of the five new appetizers: the Crispy Fried Crablets (think: talangka). Served in a bucket, the bite-sized crustaceans were crispy and make a perfect beer match. So was appetizer number 2, the Garlic Fried Baby Octopus. The miniature cephalopod mollusks were soft and chewy and very tasty.

How is it that the first two appetizers- the baby crabs and octopuses, were of the same sizes? Chuck said that it's the restaurant's requirements from their supplier to provide the required size they need.

Served next were the oysters. One set was served fresh and the other set grilled. Again, these shelled aphrodisiacs (oops), mollusks rather, make for good beer match. A bit of squeezed lemon, a dash of Tabasco, chug a beer and you're good.

The finale of the appetizers was the best-the Grilled Hokkaido Scallops with garlic cream sauce. There was good reason why it was presented last as it was indeed the highlight of the new set of appetizers. To get a good taste of the sweet scallops, I suggest you squeeze a dash of fresh lemon on it. The citrus gives way to the sweetness of the scallops that is masked by butter. I give this appetizer my five apples rating.

A couple of salmon dishes will end up on the menu soon-the Grilled Salmon and the Garlic Fried Salmon. The latter's flavor may come forward as familiar with its garlic preparation, the former offers a new taste on the palate.

These are the new dishes of Blue Post Boiling Crabs & Shrimps-five appetizers and two main dishes. That means seven more seafood goodness on the table and seven good reasons to hit the "ultimate seafood destination restaurant" soon!

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