Wednesday August 22, 2018

Persons of interest in Ungab slay ‘found’

TASK Force Ungab is digging into the background of two persons of interest, the suspected informant and gunman, behind the ambush-slay of Atty. Jonnah John Ungab.

Senior Insp. Jonathan Taneo, task force spokesperson, said that they acquired a clear photo of the person believed to be the informant who pointed the gunman to Ungab last Monday.

“He was caught by the close-circuit television (CCTV) cameras inside Qimonda. When the victim was on board his car picking up his wife at the entrance of the building, he stared at the plate number from behind suspectedly to identify the model and the plate number,” Taneo said.

All the while the man was on the phone talking to someone, he said.

“The spotter then walked casually in front of the victim’s car to check if it was really him on the driver’s seat,” Taneo said.

Another CCTV camera caught the possible gunman talking to someone on the phone a few meters from the gates of the building, where the Cebu City Hall of Justice is currently housed.

“Their presence and the time they were in their locations coincided in both the footage,” Taneo said.

Investigators acquired four footages from CCTV cameras inside and outside Qimonda.

Taneo said that they will show these to the victim’s family members to see if they can recognize the men.

“Our investigators will trace his name through the logbook in the building because he was present inside and outside, based on the CCTV,” he said.

Police are also getting the account of a passerby who will serve as the witness.

“Hopefully, our witness can remember more of the facial details of the gunman so that we can come up with a cartographic sketch,” Taneo said.

Since Ungab’s ambush, some lawyers have armed themselves.

For Atty. Fillmore Gomos, he said that not only will he carry a gun, but he will also arm himself with prayers.

Atty. Ian Sapayan said he is “definitely thinking” about carrying a gun but blamed the government for “making it very difficult for us to get permits.”

Atty. Edgar Gica, for his part, does not believe in bringing a gun to work.

“We are armed from head to foot with our humble knowledge of the law and jurisprudence, doctrines and principle laid down by our Supreme Court,” he said.