JOURNALISM as a job grants a lot of benefits that only people in the profession are given among all the others in the land.

We are allowed to brush shoulders with the highly-respected personalities that govern our communities and that by virtue is an honor we have always valued.

Through the busy schedules of our sources, our interest to slip in were accepted and acknowledged.

The reason? They, in return, want or have to share information necessary for the public to have access to since they are the servants we have elected. And we ought to know how their job as managers of our nation is going.

In a free marketplace, media organizations should be free to criticize without seeking to attract physical violence, attack each other’s politics and positions are taken.

But like all the good things, it comes with a price that this job must not be abused.

There is today an undeniably serious problem within the media: hate speech and incitement to violence are being propagated under the guise of free speech and media freedom.

People in the practice are very much blinded by personal opinion that it reflects their work. A journalist should not taint his job with personal accounts. It is in his effort that he should keep his judgment to himself and let the facts have its way to the public. For the job also has a sworn commitment to inform the public of the truth - without factions, without bias.

A tower built in time and courage can crumble at the power of words and we do not want that to happen. After all, journalists and politicians are inhabitants of the same tower. We have to coexist and respect the privilege.