IMAGINE a real-estate business without the sellers and brokers.

It will surely fail.

Playing a vital role in building the company that is Santos Land Development Corporation (SLDC), the sales and marketing arm of SLDC were recognized in a night of glitz and glamour on February 8 at the Davao Convention Center, something that they truly deserve.

SLDC, for years, has been acknowledging the efforts of its hardworking sellers and brokers.

“Your presence in our life made us regain our position in the industry, we have to improve our products, explore new things to serve you and our clients better. Through the years we seen your dedication to your craft and the companies you are doing business with including us. Respect and trust are very important ingredients in this kind of business, thank you for the respect and trust you have bestowed on us, business would not have been this successful had it not been for your participation,” SLDC president Antonio Nicolas Domingo said.

To give more importance to its brokers and sellers, SLDC, on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis recognizes its people through several incentive packages.

SLDC Sales and marketing manager Estella Aguilos said the men and women who have shown excellent performance deserve a night of celebration thus the annual and quarter awards night.

“We prepared several incentive packages to them in order to appreciate the efforts they have made for the company,” she said.

Couple Lowell and Anne Layague, who has been selling SLDC products said in an interview that working for and with the homegrown developer is but a good choice.

“We have that feeling, always, that rest assured you will really earn and at the same time, the product you are selling will give a positive result to your clients,” Anne shared.