IN my humble opinion, the deeper causes of the traffic problem are corruption and ignorance. Most people with driver’s license got it by paying a “fixer.” They never passed written or driving examination and are completely clueless of the “rules of the road” and basic driving etiquette.

Making matters worse, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) does not have a driver’s manual to study from. The best you can do is get an unofficial manual at a bookstore.

Meanwhile, pedestrians are often forced to walk on the streets because illegal shops are on the sidewalks. Narrow streets are shared with trucks, jeepneys, V-hires, cars, motor cycles, trisikads, tricyles, bikes, dogs, livestock, pedestrians, vendors, children begging and unskilled drivers. Many might even be drunk or are on drugs.

Often, pedestrians blindly stagger into traffic. It appears that they were never taught how to cross a street. At night, many vehicles don’t use lights or reflectors and street lights are poor at best. Pedestrians wear dark clothing and wonder carelessly on the streets.

Tents used for private functions are sometimes placed directly in traffic lanes on busy streets!

Additionally, the signage is terrible. Many road signs are faded, poorly placed and very small. Lane restriction arrows are also faded and painted on the pavement, which are often covered by vehicles. But the traffic enforcers will still write you a ticket if you are in the wrong lane! These arrows should be placed above the pavement so they are visible and drivers can get in the correct lane.

Often road surfaces are peppered with potholes and water drainage is pathetic . I have seen resurfaced roads lasting only two or three years.

Constant road repair just creates more traffic. Why aren’t the roads being repaired properly and the crews working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fix the roads?--Stanley Schwartz