FOR decades the Philippine Eagle Foundation has been at the forefront in the protection of the bird of prey it is named after. It is also among the institutions that has effectively campaigned for the conservation of the environment through the efforts and initiatives it has implemented.

The center celebrates another milestone this year as AboitizPower’s adopted female Philippine Eagle, Pangarap, turned 19 years old last February 23.

The 19-year-old Pangarap is the daughter of one of the foundation's most successful couple, Sam and Diamante, one of the most successful natural pairing of the center with 10 hatchlings.

"We have been supporting Pangarap for eight years now; annually giving monetary donation for her upkeep and her care. We do this because we believe in the advocacy of the Philippine Eagle Foundation. Pangarap is also a symbol of what we do in AboitizPower for our environment and communities," said Wilfredo Rodolfo III, AboitizPower assistant vice president for Corporate Branding and Communication.

AboitizPower has been supporting the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) since 2010 by providing funds for Pangarap's food, veterinary care, and shelter maintenance.

Being part of the center's captive breeding program, Pangarap has a special role to play in the future of its species. Sadly, she has experienced a bit of a bump recently as she laid an infertile egg two days after she was inseminated. During the most recent breeding season, she was only inseminated once due to insufficient semen collected from male imprint Philippine eagles.

However, hopes are high this year as she has formed a stronger bond with her keeper, Kuya Eddie, who has been with her since she was born.

“Our longstanding partnership with AboitizPower has been instrumental in our advocacy to save the Philippine Eagle. Through their adoption of Pangarap, they help support our various initiatives in the Captive Breeding Program and in our efforts to raise awareness for the mission,” said PEF executive director Dennis Salvador.

On her birthday, a simple celebration was held at PEF. Members of the media and the AboitizPower team also spent part of the morning bird watching around the vicinity.

With around 80 species of birds passing by and making their home at PEF, the center is surely alive with chirps of the birds and flapping of wings. It was a lucky day for us as we spotted around 17 birds, with 10 being endemic -- Rufous-crowned bee-eater, Philippine bulbul, White-eared brown dove, and the Philippine pied fantail, to name some.

We also saw Golden Crown Flying Foxes and other bats arriving from a night's flying to take a rest at the treetops at PEF. The foundation conducts bird watching activities on the first saturday of the month at the PEF grounds.

To know more about PEF, its programs, and how to support these and the conversation of the Philippine Eagle, visit their website, Visit the center in Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City.

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