WITH Korean pop music and films invading the country, it’s no surprise why Korean restaurants are also popping out around the city. Aside from the popular samgyeopsal-gui (pork belly barbeque), the chi-maek (fried chicken and beer combo) is also one of the Korean dishes that Filipinos go crazy for whether it’s pan-fried in hot pepper sauce, deep-fried in oil or braised in soy.

Chi-maek is a combination of the English word “chicken” and “maekju” (the Korean word for beer). During the time Korea developed a variety of chicken dishes was the same time draft beers were popular. Eventually, it became a thing for chicken and beer to be combined as a single menu item. Chi-maek became more sensationalized in 2002 during the World Cup. That is why chimaek has a significant impact on the Korean drinking culture.

Korean fried chicken has its own taste and flavor and is generally lighter, crunchier and less greasy than its Western counterparts. After frying, the chicken is usually brushed with a thin layer sauce for it to be flavorful.

Here are some flavors one should indulge in and are perfectly paired with cold draft beer available at BB.Q (Best of the Best Quality) Chicken and Beer. BB.Q is a fancy chicken and beer pub that offers authentic yet affordable Korean style chicken and local draft beers located on the second level of J Centre Mall.

Original Chicken

Fresh chicken marinated with a unique and secret recipe made up of 30 natural ingredients that makes the meat tastier and juicier.

Yangnyum Chicken

Savory and crispy fried chicken marinated with natural honey and topped with BB.Q’s special sweet and sour sauce.

Hot Spicy Chicken

The spiciest chicken on the menu that will burn one’s mouth (in a good way) as its spices and flavors will make one eat more.

Honey Chicken

Fried chicken coated with sweet sauce made with Korean fermented rice syrup.

Smoked Chicken

European-style chicken smoked over three hours using oak wood to create a unique flavor.

Cheeseling Chicken

Crispy fried chicken coated with a mixture of mascarpone cheese and cheddar cheese.

Besides these enticing chicken flavors, BB.Q also offers other dishes such as Kimchi Udong (Japanese noodle soup with Kimchi), Aglio Oglio Chicken Pasta, Mozarella Sticks and Hot Wings, Spicy dduk-bokki, bulgogi donburi, bibimbap and its famous col-pop chicken, a handy snack perfect for movie dates.

With its industrial-themed interior and awe-inspiring view of Mandaue City, the pub adds more oomph to one’s Korean chicken and beer experience. This is a definitely a place where one can see himself enjoying a relaxing day.