CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- Mayor Edwin Santiago on Monday, February 26, described the Edsa People Power revolution as an icon of unity and freedom for the Filipino people and the whole nation.

This, as the nation commemorated over the weekend the 32nd Edsa People Power Revolution that restored the country’s democracy from the 21-year martial law governance of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

“Ing adwan ning Edsa revolution ing mikabus tamu keng malambat a martial law at lumaya tamu, lumaya la deng anak at ing keka tamung bansa (The purpose of Edsa revolution is for the Filipino people to overcome the long rule of martial law and allow freedom to reign in the nation),” Santiago said in his speech during Monday’s flag raising ceremony here.

Santiago noted the sacrifices of thousands Filipinos from all sectors of society who, armed only with rosaries and sense of unification, stood against heavily armed Marcos forces that successfully led to the latter’s ousting.

He underscored the responsibility of every Filipino to keep the spirit of unity among everyone alive and burning, and let the next generation enjoy the freedom won in many battles, especially in the bloodless people power revolt.

“There is no substitute to peace. At ika tamu bilang tao obra tamu ing midinan tamung physical, emotional at spiritual peace para keng sarili tamu at karin manibat ing kapayapaan keng keka tamung komunidad (There is no substitute to peace. And our personal responsibility is to bring physical, mental and spiritual peace in ourselves that will spur peace in our community),” Santiago said.

He added that the second people power revolt must never be forgotten, especially in these times when the nation’s democracy is threatened, rather its essence must remain alive in the hearts of every Filipino.

“Milyari ya ing Edsa revolution ali mu para keng aldong ita, nung ali aldo-aldo at keng pekamalambatan a asubung taya ing kapayapaan a dadala na para keka tamu at kareng anak (The EDSA revolution happened not only for that day, but for the longest time that we can maintain the peace and freedom it brought for us and the next generation),” he said.