THE canning plant component of the Ana's Breeder Farms Inc. (ABFI) is targeted to expand by the second quarter of 2018 after acquisition of new canning equipment.

As ABFI is a poultry company that focuses on services and processes of the entire supply chain from egg hatchery, breeder operations, to dressing plant facilities, ABFI Central Technical Office Project Manager engineer Edison Lazo said they have recently acquired canning facilities from Italy and Spain.

These facilities are targeted to be transferred to their newly inaugurated Farmer's Agro Industrial Complex in Mintal, Davao City, by the second quarter of 2018.

"Within our compound, we are still constructing the canning plant where the new facilities will be transferred. We go into further processing of our meats using our chicken breeder culls," he said.

According to Lazo, their breeder culls, which are taken care to lay eggs for 18 months, are those that they later on use for their processed foods such as canned chicken afritada and chicken longganisa, among others, under the Suy Foods.

Their skinless chicken longganisas are available in Original, Curry, Spanish, and Spicy flavors, while the smoked chicken longganisas have Original and Cheese flavors.

Lazo said they have yet to know the exact capacities of the facilities but is certain that it is more than the capacities of their existing canning facilities.

The company was also the one behind the 911 Foods, which are quality-canned and pouched instant food that are ready-to-eat and are Halal-certified. These were later on donated to the victims of the Marawi siege. At least 11,000 cans of 911 foods were donated to the victims.