E.B. MAGALONA Mayor Marvin Malacon is questioning why the town’s legislative office was allegedly padlocked during the office hours Friday, March 2.

Some of the members of the legislative body and their staff were in Bacolod City to attend a seminar.

"The Civil Service Commission guidelines clearly state that government offices shall be open even at noontime on regular working days,” the mayor stressed.

Malacon asked: “Why did they lock the office without informing the executive office?"

The legislative office is located inside the municipal hall.

The mayor said a resident asked him on same day why the legislative office was closed.

He added some of the Municipal Council members stayed at his office because they cannot enter their respective offices.

He also pointed out that the staff of the Municipal Council members are job order casuals who needed travel orders before they could go out of town.

"I have nothing against the vice mayor but this is a sign of disrespect. They should assign even one employee to stay at the office and open it to continue public service,” Malacon stressed.

Aside from the legislative office, the municipal library was also closed Friday, he said.

"We wanted to find out if what they did is legal or illegal,” Malacon added.

When asked for a comment, Vice Mayor Robert Acaling denied that the legislative office was padlocked Friday.

"It was not padlocked but was (only) locked for security purposes because nobody was left at the office yesterday because we held a seminar. The SB (Municipal Council) Members who did not attend the seminar yesterday could enter their respective offices because their staff has the key to their cubicles,” he explained.

"The situation was taken negatively against me by the mayor. He misinterpreted my action and (it) was blown out of proportion,” Acaling said.

He said there is no reason he will padlock the office.

The vice mayor pointed out that the legislative branch is an independent body and there is no need for them to inform the mayor about the seminar they conducted.

Acaling has earlier filed cases for violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act and Grave Misconduct against Malacon and six SB members before the Office of the Ombudsman.

Malacon has yet to issue a statement on the said charges. (TDE)