Monday July 16, 2018

Seares: PNoy doing an Arroyo? ‘No way’

“WHAT’S so difficult about (making an apology)? (Former president Gloria Arroyo) said ‘I’m sorry’ and so that removed a lot of pressure on (her).”

-- Fidel V. Ramos

Fidel Ramos, the former president, apparently cited the wrong example for President Noynoy Aquino who’s known to hate single-mindedly anything and everything about detained ex-president Gloria Arroyo.

Asking PNoy to “do a GMA” is telling the white knight he’s no better than the dark evil he has been hunting down since he assumed office in 2010.

Besides, it’s unclear whether GMA’s apology did her some good as it tightened the noose on her neck in the “Hello Garci” tape election-rigging scandal.

GMA was even sorry she said “sorry,” which didn’t ease demand for her to step down.

An apology is tricky. An offending president can’t be sure if it would drive wolves away from Palace gates or make them bolder and more aggressive.

And PNoy isn’t the type who can look and sound penitent. Photographed smiling at the scene of the killing of Hong Kong tourists during a hostage situation in Rizal Park, Manila, PNoy seared this in the nation’s mind: he’s not good at atonement.

PNoy and Malaca¤ang communicators scoff at apologies (“no way,” they said once). They must realize though that what he said last Feb. 30 didn’t work.

Not forgetting

He said then: “The tragedy happened during my term and I will carry this to the end of my days.”

No trace of regret, just about not forgetting, up to when, he’s not clear: end of his presidency or his last breath?

But to PNoy, for sure, “doing a GMA” could be worse tragedy.