DRUNKARDS may be taken care off by this law.

Baguio City Councilor Joel Alangsab, in a proposed ordinance, is pushing for establishments to designate a “barker” for inebriated customers to assure of a safe trip going home.

Alangsab’s ordinance proposes that it will be the duty of the business establishments serving liquor to designate personnel to serve as guides for those who are too drunk to hail a cab and advise those who plan to drive to commute going home.

Alangsab said the new law aims to protect the customers as well as those they will potentially damage because of their drunkenness.

The barkers will then record the name of the customer, the registered plate number of the taxicab and records will be kept and presented if needed to be utilized by authorities.

The Baguio Police Office recorded for the period of January to August 2017 recorded a total of 1,021 traffic accidents with 837 resulting to damages in property, 158 ended in physical injuries, 21 incidents of which are self-inflicted [those vehicular accidents with no other involved vehicles] with five resulting to homicide.

The over 1,000 incidents recorded in the police reposts only five have been tagged to be because of drunk driving, considering the fact that the personnel are not yet equipped with gadgets that can determine drunkenness of the apprehended individuals involved.

Police records also show there are 1,421 recorded crime incidents in the city during the same period where there were 79 victims who are alcohol intoxicated.

If the law is passed there will be penalties for establishments which will not designate barkers for their businesses.

Alangsab initially listed bars, night clubs, videoke, karaoke bars, billiard and dart halls, saying all establishments serving liquor will be covered.

The measure passed in the first reading and will await public hearing.