Wednesday August 22, 2018

Taxi fare hike takes effect

COMMUTERS in Baguio City and Benguet are set to bear the brunt of the increase in taxi fares as approved by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

Acting LTFRB chief development officer Robert Pocais only drivers whose units have undergone the meter calibration process since March 5 may collect the higher rates.

"The adjustment on flag down rate which was approved by the LTFRB central office in October last year starts with the regular P35 flag down rate with the addition of a P13.50 per kilometer rate, and a P2 per minute of travel time rate from origin to destination," Pocais said.

The current rate is P35 flag down plus P2 per 200 meters and an additional P2 per minute of waiting time.

Since the start of calibration, Pocais said an average of 49 taxis are being calibrated per day.

“All calibrated and tested meters of taxis can be identified with the pertinent seal and sticker placed on the upper right side of the windshield. There is also no reason for taxi drivers not to issue receipts or else, they will have to face a P5,000 fine for the operator and an additional P1,000 fine from the driver," Pocais stressed.

Meanwhile, all calibrated taxi units will have to be equipped with the mandatory gadgets stated under the public utility vehicle modernization program.

"The LTFRB central office have accredited 19 to 20 GPS, dash cameras, CCTV, WiFi gadget providers and suppliers which underwent testing and demonstration, and have passed the requirements stated by the board," the transportation development officer stated.

The LTFRB has yet to receive an order from the central office to defer the implementation of modernization program as requested by local operators who are financially constrained to acquire the required gadgets.