YOU can't say it's politics when the leaders of the organizations of those working for the Judiciary are the ones speaking up because them being in the Judiciary, we know they are not stupid enough to be playing politics. They have an independence to uphold, they have their credibility to protect, they have their whole life's commitment at stake.

Thus, we cannot help but stop on our tracks and ask: What is really happening?

This after, elected leaders of the different organizations within the judiciary come out with a letter appealing for Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno to step down.

"Kami po ay nananawagan, para na rin po sa kapakanan ng buong sambayanang Pilipino na kayo po ay bumaba na sa puwesto at magbitiw bilang punong mahistrado o Chief Justice," the letter read.

Signatories to the letter are Philippine Judges Association president Judge Felix Reyes, Philippine Association of Court Employees president Maria Fe Maloloy-On, Supreme Court (SC) Assembly of Lawyers Employees president Rene Enciso, and SC Employees Association president Erwin Ocson.

True, there has been exposes of corruption in the Judiciary, but as an institution, the Judiciary still manages to weather through the shenanigans of the hoodlums in robes. What is it that these court judges, court employees, SC lawyers and SC employees see?

We can only speculate, and because we can only speculate, then it is best for us to wait at the sidelines so the issue does not get muddled as it already is. That does not mean that we will ignore what is happening.

This is the Philippine judiciary at stake. But not being part of the judiciary, and not knowing anything that's going on inside, let's watch with keen eyes as the authorities reveal the root of all these, and then we demand what must be done.

There's no sense, really, to go on a rampage blindly and destroy an institution just by creating chaos. It's just like what the interest groups against the President are doing, using the Senate and going around in the United States to create chaos, and who's going to suffer for that? The Filipino people.

Obviously, someone is benefitting from chaos, and it is definitely not the Filipino people. Ergo, let us not fall into that trap.